Sunday, September 30, 2007


College Assignment

This is a posting for a college assignment. The class is researching blogs. I checked many blogs and, as expected, many are started and never used. I think they should "yank" the blog if not active for three months. This would really help to clear out the junk. I have two blogs that I created. This one and one on computers. I created this one a long time ago and never used it much. This posting is mainly for an assignment. I do not recommend these sites for intelligent investing advice. -- This one's got some wacky investments, but interesting. --- exactly what not to do with your portfolio.. but some decent info on other stuff
Some great information on ways to improve your blog.

Wiki Very interesting wiki with tons of information. I need to research this site some more at a later date. I imagine there would be many "mistakes” throughout as with many wiki's

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Don't be scared

With the ups and downs in the market lately do not pull your money out of the market. Unless you need it soon. I am invested in International funds and technology funds. I say to ask yourself a simple question. In five years will ????? be better or worse than today? In five years will Technology be dead? Of course not, In five years it will be booming more than today. There are many discoveries that will lead to huge breakthroughs. Will the International ecomomy be better or worse in five years? Of course better, I am not sure about the US economy, but the world economy will be booming as more and more poor countries establish themselves and join the world economy. There is 2.5 billion people in China and India... thats alot of microwave (washers, tvs, etc.) sales (just think if they all needed to buy a car in the same there would not be near enough). Heck, people might HAVE to buy Chevy's.

Thursday, December 22, 2005



Hi -- I was a financial advisor for 3 years with a very reputable firm. I just want to let all of you out there to know to stay away from all traditional brokerage services. Unless you have over 10 million in investable assets and are getting price breaks you are being taken advantage of. For the average person on the street you should be with a discount brokerage like Waterhouse or Schwab. Your advisor does not know anymore what is going on in the markets than you. If you have a professional money manager with under 10 million you are paiying them the profits they create and very seldom over the long term will they every beat an index fund to cover their cost......... I will add more later

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